51 Long Distance Relationship Gifts For The One You Care

Gifts are the best way to express your gratitude to your beloved one, and if they are galaxies away from you, you will surely miss their presence. Here are a few long distance gifts that you can present them next time they are in town so that they will remember you when they miss you. This can also be gifted to anyone who is dear to you and miles apart.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

1. Personalized Long Distance Picture Frame

Just like Ed Sheeran says to celebrate your emotion in a photograph, there is nothing better than a personalized picture frame to hold your lovely pictures. This should make up the best long distance relationship gift.

2. The Love Journal

Personalize your own love journal for your loved one so that you have your own unique gift that would be worthy of tremendous value for your soulmate.

3. Decorative Pillow Cover

Having something special from you whenever she falls asleep is surely romantic and with this pillowcase, they are sure to remember you.

4. BFF Necklace

Your high school BFF who is out of city knows that your friendship will last for eternity. And just in case both of you forget, just look at your beautiful BFF necklace. This should be one of the ideal long distance friendship gifts.

5. Long Distance Relationship Mug

Coffee Mugs are classic gifts for any relationship. Your partner would be pleased with these long distance mugs and happier with the emotion behind it.

6. Best Friend Keychain

True friends can never be apart, and this best friend key chain would certainly remind you of each other whenever you miss your BFF.

7. Wooden Bookmark

If your companion is an avid book reader then this is an ideal gift to remind them how beautiful their smile is and how much you miss them. This bookmark will surely cherish them every time they use it while reading their favorite book.

8. Kathy Box Sign

This beautiful box can be a reminder to your long-distance partner that you will love them till infinity and beyond. This can serve as a decorative wall hanging or can freely stand on a table just perfect for your mate to look at it every day.

9. White and Black Bracelet

The white bracelet represents her purity and integrity while the black represents his masculinity and energy. However, each of you will always be a part of one another in your connection just like the bracelet.

10. Letters To My Love

Just like the olden days, communicate your admiration and feelings for your adored person in these romantic letters. Let them read these whenever they miss you.

11. Couple Keychain

Keychains are adorable gifts for partners. Gift your long distance soulmate this gift and tell him that he is not so far away.

12. Going Away Picture Frame

It’s Valentine’s day or your BFF’s birthday, this gift should be the best long distance birthday gift.

13. Photo Album Scarpbook

Re-live your adventure by putting them in this scrapbook and let them revive your memories whenever they are missing you. This makes one of the ideal long-distance gifts.

14. Wine Glass

The next time your best friend will have wine or beer, he would definitely remember his best friend and that he is never too far to wine together. It is a perfect gift for birthdays or any occasion.

15. Bracelet Cuff Bangle

Your BFF is miles apart but that won’t let you guys fade apart. With these bracelet bangles, nothing can separate you guys, and always remember that you are embraced and appreciated by your best friend.

16. Aluminium Water Bottle

With an artistic quote for your best friend, these water bottles are the best choices to manifest your attachment to your genuine buddy. This would present a fitting gift for your BFF who is moving out of town.

17. Missing You Card

Address your feelings on this card and present them with your love on their special day. This will truly make them happy even if you are countries away.

18. Leather Journal

Daily journals are the best way to know about how you spend your day. And if you gift your loved one this journal, maybe you can read it later and live your life in their shoes.

19. Message In A Bottle Capsule

The old-fashioned messages in a bottle never get old. Bottle up your feelings in this capsule and let them read it whenever they miss you.

20. Matching Couple Phone Case

A very creative way to express your affection, this phone case is a perfect gift for long distance couple in your group or can be one for you and others for your mate.

21. Two Time Zone Necklace

Best necklace for your companion who is away from you. Now she can look into your time as well and make time for your lovely everyday talk.

22. Couple Wallet Cards

Wallet cards are ideal gifts for couples. You can personalize your own message in this card and gift it to your beloved. Whenever they miss you, all they have to do is read your message in their wallet.

23. Heart Shaped LED light

This heart-shaped LED light has a collection of the messages engraved that you desire to convey your partner and will be an excellent long distance birthday gift for your loved one who is miles apart.

24. Ceramic Coffee Mug For Mom

Your home is where you have your family. And Mom is the person that completes your family. Gift her this amazing coffee mug and appreciate all her love and affection.

25. Name A Star Custom Star Kit

Your beloved one deserves a whole star named after her and you could do that with this custom star kit. It would be very romantic and would surely melt their heart.

26. 5 in 1 Bedside Lamp

Let your loved one remember you whenever they set an alarm, or use this bluetooth speaker. This device would definitely be a handy use for your adored one.

27. Bluetooth Earphones

Earphones are an absolute necessity in this generation and how cute when your loved one presents you with this choicest gift.

28. Aviator Sunglasses

Nothing is more helpful than sunglasses on a sunny afternoon.  Gift your admired one these glasses for their birthday or any occasion and tell them how important they are to you.

29. Name Necklace

Your cherished one’s name shaped necklace is definitely one of the beautiful gifts you can give to your long distance girlfriend. This necklace can be gold plated or silver plated and can be shaped into any name and font that you prefer.

30. Pens Gift Set

Whether your girlfriend is a journalist or a college student, she would definitely need pens and what better than a beautiful pen gift set from her beloved person. This gift set can be given to your mom, sister,  niece or any women in your life.

31. Jewellery Music Box

A musical reminder to your loved one that you will always love them no matter what. This is a true friend jewelry gift box to your friend who is miles apart from you but yet not separated.

Long Distance Gifts For Boyfriend

Your man means the world to you and he is galaxies away from you. He is coming to town next week and you want to gift something special so that he remembers you whenever he looks at the gift. Well, lucky for you, here are top 10 gifts for long distance boyfriend that would surely melt his heart.

32. Men’s Wallet

Wallets are like assets for men. He deserves the best wallet for his daily use. Present him this wallet out of love and let him remember you whenever he reaches out to his wallet.

33. Guitar Pick

Your boyfriend always impresses you with his romantic songs whenever you guys meet. This guitar pick will definitely remind him of that beautiful person he misses miles away every time he plays his guitar.

34. Best Boyfriend Greeting Card

Shout out your love to him through your card, how much of a wonderful person he is and gift him a bracelet so that he will treasure your affection and retain your memory forever.

35. Wrist Watch

Watches certainly make men look smarter. When your guy is coming to town, make him smarter and let the watch remind him of you.

36. Formal Shoes

On his everyday work, these shoes are an absolute necessity. Gift your handsome man the best shoes in town and make him feel special every time he wears them.

37. Leather Jacket

Guys for whom their bikes are an emotion would just go crazy over these leather jackets. If your boyfriend is one of those then this definitely should be your gift.

38. Long Distance Coffee Mug

Even though miles away, you still love and miss him. Convey this feeling with this adorable coffee mug.

39. Long Distance Key Chain

This unique stainless steel key chain would make an excellent gift for long distance boyfriend. Present this on his birthday, valentines day or any day you like.

40. T-shirts

T-shirts surely make extravagant gifts for your man, and whenever he wears them, it will remind him of the person who gifted it.

41. Laptop Backpack

This laptop bag would really come in handy to anyone who uses it. This should be a present for your man if he is working or going to college.

Long Distance Gifts For Girlfriend

Maintaining relationships miles away is a tedious job. Now your girl is right on her way to meet her ever-so-loving boyfriend. But if you are confused what to present her that would make her happy, here we have the top 10 gifts that you could give your long distance girlfriend.

42. Jewellery Set

She’ll always shine bright like a diamond, with this adorable necklace and earrings. This would make a classic gift for valentine’s day or her birthday.

43. Immortal Flowers

Giving flowers is an old-fashioned way of expressing love. Now you can give her flowers which will never fade away and tell that’s how your love is never going to last.

44. Wrist Watch

Even if she is planets away, she will always remain your priority. Ensure this to her by gifting your time in the form of this watch.

45. Cotton Scarf

It’s gonna be cold since winter is coming, and when she wears the scarf you gifted, she’ll certainly feel loved. This also can make an ideal long-distance friendship gift.

46. Women Sweater

A stylish sweater for the most stylish person you know. This would make a perfect gift for your girlfriend who is in a cold country and would use this quite often.

47. Women Wallet

A wallet is an important necessity in everyone’s everyday life. Presenting it would make you more practical and efficient along with loving and caring.

48. Women Sandals

Sandals and shoes are women’s best friends and your pretty lady surely deserves the best.

49. World’s Best Girlfriend Trophy

With a cheesy quote from your favorite romantic Hollywood movie, award your girlfriend with the best girlfriend trophy and tell her how awesome she is.

50. Heart shaped Couple Necklace

Let one half of the heart stay beside her and the other half with you, until you meet it would not be completed just similar to both of you.

51. Bluetooth Headphones

This would be the best gift for your music-loving girlfriend whenever she misses you and listens to romantic songs. This is absolutely the best gift for long-distance couples.

So this was my list of best gifts that you could give for your long distance partner. As they say – “Absence sharpens love and presence strengthens it”, let the next time you meet your beloved one be cherished and these gifts make the best ones.