How To Prop Up a TV Without Stand – A Complete Guide

So you want to prop up your TV and are looking for a way to do that without a stand?

We understand that TV stands can be quite expensive and they take up a lot of space.

If you have a small room with less space to spare for your TV, TV stands might not be the best option for you.

There are other ways you can set up your TV without spending too much money and today, we are going to show you how.

Mount Your TV On The Wall

If you don’t have any kind of base to set your TV on, you can always mount it instead.

Mounting your TV on the wall is very inexpensive compared to purchasing a TV stand. It also helps the TV to shine on its own and gives a very minimalistic look.

To mount your TV, there are a few tools and items you will need,

1. Power Drill

A power drill is used for drilling holes and screwing the mounting screws in place. A screwdriver is an alternate option but it can make the process a bit time-consuming.

2. TV Mount

You cannot mount any TV without a proper wall mount. Sometimes TVs come with their own mounts. Otherwise, you can purchase a separate TV mount according to the VESA mount measurements in the TV manual.

3. Stud Finder

A stud finder helps you to locate studs behind the wall surface.  

4. Drill Bits

Make sure you use good-quality concrete drill bits. If you have a  brick wall, get carbide-tipped masonry bits since standard drill bits are not strong enough.

5. Level

A level will make sure that your TV is leveled properly.

6. Protective Gear

Make sure you wear safety goggles and other necessary safety gear while drilling

7. A Cable/Cord Cover

A bunch of cables below your TV is not a pleasant sight. Get a good cable cover of the appropriate size and color.

8. Tape/Marker/Pencil

You will need a tape or marker to mark the pilot holes for drilling.

Steps To Wall Mount Your TV

1. Determine the location and viewing angle

The first thing you have to do is to find the best spot for mounting your TV. You also have to take the viewing angles into consideration.

Make sure it can be clearly seen from the seating area. You should also make sure you don’t mount it too high or too low on the wall.

2. Locate the wall studs

The next step is to determine the location of the wall studs. Move the stud finder across the area you want to mount your TV.

Mark the indicated places with tape or other appropriate markers.

3. Drill holes for the mounting screws

To position the TV you will need a level and a mount.

  • Using a level, hold the mount on the wall.
  • Make sure it isn’t tilted.
  • Determine the pilot hole locations and mark them on the wall.
  • Attach the appropriate drill bit to your power drill and drill the holes.
  • After this attach the mounting bracket to the wall. 

4. Attach the mounting plate

To attach the mounting plate you need to first determine the attachment holes on the back of the TV.

After this, you can attach the plate and fasten it in place.

5. Mount your TV

It is always better to take the help of someone when mounting the TV. It can be quite labor-intensive and difficult to do on your own.

Make sure you have the mounting instructions by your side.

  • Lift the TV gently and line the mounting plate on the TV with the bracket on the wall.
  • The connections should be made properly according to the given instructions.
  • After mounting, you are finally done with the procedure. 

Alternatives To A TV Stand

Corner Shelf TV Stands

Here is how it looks:

If you want to use a corner of your house for your TV, a corner shelf is a perfect way to set it up without a stand.

It takes up less space and can be easily made using only a few parts and tools. It serves as a floating mount for your TV. To make a corner shelf, you will need, 

  • Wooden plank pieces
  • Wall mount TV hanger
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Pine tree top

Take the wooden plank pieces and arrange them one below the other in a rectangular position. The end of each plank must touch the adjacent corner.

Cover it with the pine tree top. Position the wall mount TV hanger on the top and mount your TV using the appropriate tools.

If you are looking for some readymade options, check out corner shelves for TV on amazon here & here.

TV Tripod

Just like the corner shelf, you can use wooden plank pieces to construct a tripod stand for your TV. It is super easy to build and takes up minimal space.

All you will need are 3 wooden planks, each of the same length and width. You can use shorter wooden pieces to connect them in a tripod shape.

Make sure to have a good foundation for the TV and appropriate support at the back using metal brackets.

You can check out some readymade Tripod TV stand options on amazon. Here are some of the popular ones: here & here.

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With a few tools and some other parts, you can make use of wall mounting or any of the above DIY methods to set up your TV without a stand. These are very cost-effective and space-saving methods.