15 Cool Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

Buying presents for people is never easy, and the pressure of getting the right gift that the person will like, are endless. When the person to be gifted is an 8 year old boy, those pressures multiply tenfold.

Little boys, cute as they may be, aren’t very easy to figure out. This makes giving them a present tremendously difficult. But they’re also really fun to shop for because of the very same thing.

Eight year olds are full of creativity and energy, at that age, they begin to take on more challenging projects. Here’s a list of a wide range of gifts for 8 year old boys that cover all kinds of interests, out of which a few should be perfect for you.

1. Funko POP dolls

Funko POP dolls would be a very versatile option because there are just so many of these cute little things. At least one of them would have kids jumping for joy. Nearly every pop culture figure has a POP doll counterpart and getting your little boy his favorite character, or better yet, a team of them, will surely put a smile on his face. Can you imagine the look on the face of a Guardians of the Galaxy fan if you got him Starlord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax? It would surely be one of the best gifts for 8 year old boys.

2. Twister

Twister is a fun way to pass the time, not only for the kid you gift it to, but for the family as well. Involving a spinner, colored dots on a plastic mat and limbs twisting and turning through other limbs, this game allows for a whole lot of hilarity and fun, for people of all ages. Kids with an interest in board games of this kind will instantly love you for giving this to them.

3. Remote control Rock Crawler

These fun remote-control toys are a nice variation from the classic remote-control cars. The wheels are usually made wide and out of a soft material like rubber, which allows them to climb over sloped surfaces. If your little guy is into remote controlled vehicles, he will love watching this one go over rocks and grass. Chances are, of he’s already interested in r/c toys, he won’t have one of these, and this will be sure to make him happy.

4. Hedbanz

Here’s another fun board game. Hedbanz is a fun board game that involves yes or no questions and wearing headbands in your head with picture cards attached to them. Gift your kid this game if you are looking to enhance his powers of logic and deduction in a fun and kid friendly way. This is a good way to have them spend time with their family, or socialize with other kids over a nice and friendly game.

5. Robobloq Qoopers robot kit

This is one of the most effective ways of getting your kid started on programming and coding. This robot kit comes with several parts that can be built into different kinds of robots with varied functions. An app must be downloaded on to your phone which is used to enter a code for the robot. With an easy drag and drop style of coding, this is a fun, kid friendly lesson on programming for him. The robot takes roughly an hour to build, and can be a wonderful bonding experience with parents when done together.

6. Nerf Mega Thunderbow Blaster

Nerf has been around for a really long time, and its toys are still popular among people of all ages. This Nerf bow is a fun and relatively safe toy that a little boy can spend lots of time with. The nature of the toy ensures that your boy won’t grow out of it anytime sooner, with teenagers using it as well. Its realistic bow action gives the feel of a real archery bow, and the bow can fire darts up to a hundred feet. Who knows, this could be the inspiration for your boy to go for archery at the Olympics.

7. Remote controlled Millennium Falcon drone

How do you get remote controlling, Star Wars and drones rolled into one amazing present? With a remote controlled Millennium Falcon drone. Your little boy will love this ultimate present. Designed to look like the iconic Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movie franchise, this drone is built to fly 200 feet away from the remote control without losing signal. It can withstand minor crashes and the propellers are hidden within the design, making them somewhat protected from damage. This will turn out to be a great Christmas gift choice for a kid who loves Star Wars.

8. LEGO Minecraft set

Nearly every kid aged seven to seventeen (and sometimes as old as thirty!) plays Minecraft. If your boy is no exception, he would probably love this set. Depending on which one you buy, he will be able to recreate several different scenes from the games. He can build his own house, set up fence to keep cattle from escaping and even build a skeleton cave. Parents and kids can have fun building it together, making for a fun birthday activity.

9. Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics set

If you think your kid might have an interest or talent in engineering or electronics, Snap Circuits Jr. might be the present for him. It is perfect for a kids’ beginner’s course in electronics and provides a good challenge for your young boy. With all kinds of components and a design that makes it easy to build, the set is incredibly flexible, with the potential to make over a hundred interesting and engaging projects. Family and friends can also get involved, making it a fun way to teach and learn together. Since kids of this age are constantly growing their intellectual and cognitive abilities, this gift would be a great help in school as well as in life.

10. Monopoly

Monopoly has been a family entertainer for over eight decades, and still provides for a fun evening spent with friends and family. Suitable for players of all ages, this game is now sold in many different versions that one can pick and choose from. There is also Monopoly Junior for children who are learning to play in a fun and easy way. It’s a great gift for holidays.

11. Sphero BB8 toy

R2D2 is probably no longer the world’s favorite robot, having to at least share, if not give up, that space to the adorable BB8. Ever since its first appearance in The Force Awakens, the seventh installment of the Star Wars movie series, BB8 has quickly captured the hearts of audiences around the world, and its mini-counterpart has been a source of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Controlled using a smartphone remote control app, the BB8 droid can be used for up to an hour after fully charging, and can be controlled from up to 30 feet of distance. Just make sure that the phone used for controlling the Droid is compatible with the app.

12. Totally Gross!

A lot of boys absolutely love to play with or do or talk about things that the rest of the world considers disgusting. As a gift giver, you can use that to your advantage. Totally Gross is an award winning board game that uses the fun format of a board game and little boys’ love for grossness to educate them about the wonders of science. It involves question cards, fact cards (called Gross Out cards), Lab cards and a whole lot of slime. Children can appreciate the fact there is more to science than just boring formulas.

13. Basketball Hoop

Here’s another gift idea that your boy won’t grow out of. Sports can be an integral part of a child’s development, and if your little boy is in love with basketball, buying him a basketball hoop to play and practice with at home will give him good reason to get off whichever screen he’s holding at the moment and get some physical exercise instead. This is one more opportunity for an equally interested parent to bond with their child over sports. Also, to teach him the value of things like teamwork and discipline, making it one of the best birthday gifts.

14. Aerodrums Air Drumming Kit

Is your boy fond of music, or does he display a good sense of rhythm? Then this might be the present for him. All you need is some open space to set up the kit, and you’re all set. The kit comes with two drumsticks, some sensors and a camera to sense motion. If his interest in drumming is retained, he can play these air drums until well into his adulthood. Since it uses headphones, the drum set is virtually silent.

15. Xbox One console

This one is a present that will knock the socks off the boy you plan to give it to. There are very, very few boys in this world who wouldn’t jump up and down in unrestrained joy when they get an Xbox One as a present. This present will last for roughly five years, or even ten if kept in good condition. Since Xbox is played by people of all ages, he will most definitely not grow out of it very soon.

Buying gifts for 8 year old boys doesn’t have to be as difficult as it’s made out to be. The vast variety in which these delightful beings appear on this earth only makes the shopping experience more joyful. Hopefully this list helps you narrow your choices down enough to make a good decision.