16 Enriching Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys That Are Useful

Gifts are tokens of love. Sometimes, it may be a social compulsion, but in most cases, people are expected to reflect their feelings in their presents. Gifts can of course be ornamental and meant for display, but they may also be useful. Sometimes, they may be both, and these are the best choices to make when giving something away. However, we will most certainly not tell you that a particular choice of gift is not good enough. That is because gifts are bought with love and not with cold, emotionless cash.

When young boys turn thirteen, it is often a very celebrated day indeed. Here ends one’s immature childhood. The teens are a transformation for a child from a little boy of innocence to an adult – set to put his foot into and proceed towards the large competitive world. So, when you’re thinking of gifts for 13 year old boys, toys probably won’t be the best possible option. The presents you give him need to be of use to him, as he will adapt to their usage slowly, but surely. As time passes, he will outgrow his childish traits, his world will mature, his behaviour will change and he will want to adapt to adult life even before he is close to attaining it. Gift these young men wisely, we’ll help you out here.

1. DroneX Pro

He thinks he is growing up and now won’t accept toy cars as gifts. While you’re wondering, drones are a good option for a 13 year old kid. The answer is yes. With drones like the DroneX Pro, a highly lightweight and child-friendly drone, flying drones was never easier for kids. With professional camera features and lightning speed, your boy will definitely forget all of his toys once you get him this. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about storing it, as it folds down and becomes half its original size.

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2. A Nintendo Switch Is A Pretty Cool and Decent Start

We are sure we need not introduce the Nintendo Switch to you. It is one of the most popular devices and he will have heard of it already. If he doesn’t have it yet, do him a favour and give him this wonderful present.

3. WiFi Smart LED Bulbs to Light Up His Dreams

WiFi smart LED bulbs can be fitted into his room and can be operated using a simple app! Using this facility, it will be easier for him to light up the room whichever way he likes to and to complement his mood. Speak of fancy presents? Nothing better than this one!

4. Wireless Headphones to Cut Out the Cords and Sounds

Wireless headphones are chosen over the ones with wires because they are easier to maintain and easier to use. This is something he cannot possibly not like. After all, wireless headphones actually mean there is no tangling of too many wires; just great, cool music!

5. Get Him to Be Musically Talented with An Instrument to Play

Playing an instrument is known to increase a person’s mental health. Einstein, if you didn’t know was an expert violinist! What’s more, the instrument can add as a skill, while allowing him to distress and concentrate better on his daily activities. So, while the gift is a perfect expression of your love, it will also help him improve in many aspects. You can consider it one of those baptism gifts for boys too!

6. A Waterproof Camera for The Summer Camp Ahead

Waterproof cameras are the best things to give to children and young boys who like to explore beyond their daily routines. If he likes going on summer camps and adventures, try this option to improve the quality of his excursions!

7. Bluetooth Speakers to Bring on The Music

Bluetooth speakers are the most popular form of speakers these days. They are preferred over all other types as they can be easily carried around, are easy to operate and can be recharged and reused for hours on end. If he is fond of music (who isn’t?), you may proceed with a bluetooth speaker as a useful and great gift. Many of these come with a warranty for months and in cases, years, so he can get it changed if the need to do so arises.

8. LEGO Is for Kids? No Way! Try LEGO for Teens Too

If you’ve spent your life thinking LEGO is for kids, well, no it is not. LEGO blocks may be child’s play, but it is not only children who would satisfy themselves with its use. Teenagers are known to use LEGO for school assignments, projects and just as a medium to pass their time. So, if you wish to give him a LEGO set, do not hesitate to do so.

9. Nothing Is More Teenager Adaptable Than A Nice Skateboard

Skateboards are one of the few things that all teenagers will agree they love. In our cities and urban settlements, the mass traffic of cars, buses and fuel based vehicles has cluttered our roads, making it difficult for smooth commutes. As usual, the solution has come up from the most tender of people – the young ones, and they have chosen the skateboard as the quick alternative. This is fast, affordable and happens to be known as a good form of exercise too!

10. Try the New Age of Teenage Presents: The Webcam

The webcam is another wonderful alternative. More and more teenagers are earning fame with podcasts or self-made videos and even when they aren’t shooting videos for public release, they are connected to their friends, families and even tutors. You will agree that internet-based calling is both desirable and recommended. Ease his work by providing him with a useful webcam.

11. Hoodies – Yes, They Are A Good Option to Try Out

Teenagers look cool and feel comfortable in their hoodies. Since hoodies are some of the most adaptable clothes you will ever find, they find their place in all seasons and in all times of the day. The hoodie has, in the recent past, become a style statement for the regular teenager and for the young man you are thinking of gifting it to, it will suit perfectly well.

12. Tablets Are in Demand. Meet the Demand.

Tablets are some of the most favourite things for young boys nowadays. Tablets neither large enough to be carried around uncomfortably, such as laptops, nor small enough to qualify as smartphones, which are painful to read from. Tablets are of moderate size, easy to carry around and hence used for multiple purposes. You could get him a kindle subscription with his tablet, which will allow him to read all he likes! When he’s not reading, he can still be occupied by games and other activities like doodling. Sounds like a good deal to us.

13. Let Him Have A Bird’s Eye View with A Drone

Drones are devices of great fascination. They allow you to get an aerial view of things, just as the birds see it. This also doubles up as a brilliant and passionate hobby for many people around the world. If he is fond of drones, you could gift him one – they are durable and can be versatile. The use of drones is so simple that one may learn how to operate them very quickly.

14. Board Games Will Keep Him from Getting Bored Offline

While the necessary use of technology makes it absolutely important to introduce its presence as presents into the lives of young men and women, it is also crucial that they learn that a life survives beyond the screen. A fun way to do this is by gifting a board game, which might also be  one of the best confirmation gifts for boys which will keep him fascinated and off the computer.

15. For Online Games, Why Not Look for A Gaming Laptop?

Getting gaming DVDs is not difficult – they are available literally everywhere. The problem, however, is not in the DVD. Probably many people would want to gift it to him, but very few would even think of a dedicated laptop for the purpose of gaming. Gaming laptops possess better features and more efficiency which allows for a seamless gaming experience and who knows, it could instill a love for gaming in him, that would allow him to go ahead and participate in competitions someday!

16. The Amazing Annoy-a-tron Should Combine Everything

If you’ve not heard of the amazing Annoy-a-tron, well, here is some information for you. This fun gift set teaches young men how to code as they play pranks with it on their friends. So, what we’re basically trying to imply is that your young recipient will not only have one of the best gifts for 13 year old boys, he’ll also be learning and helping himself by using it every time. If he is fond of computers and programming, we have a feeling he’ll be indebted to you if he finds this among his goodies.

Choosing a gift is no easy task. One must sift through plenty of options and they all seem equally appealing. While choosing a gift is important, you must note a number of things too. Shirts and other clothes might not be the best gifts. People grow very fast in their teenage years, and thus it is most likely that they will soon outgrow their new clothes and will be looking for more. Toys are irrelevant, as they cannot be categorized accurately for this age group. Likewise, a shaving kit probably won’t suit a thirteen year old as they definitely won’t start shaving until a year or two later. Thus, the concept of giving away gifts is not an easy task.

The easiest way to accomplish it is by giving money, but the problem with money is that it is just cash, cold hard cash. It doesn’t say anything. This part of the reason why money is increasingly unpopular as a gift. Gifts are meant to show love, warmth and connection between the sender and the recipient, often doubling as a social necessity over anything else. In the end, no matter what you gift, the present is nothing more than a symbol of your love. It may not be expensive to purchase, but it is certainly priceless in his heart.