Top 51 First Communion Gifts for Boys & Girls in 2024

First Communion is the day when your child understands Christianity more clearly and asks forgiveness for their sins from Christ.

If your kid is getting his first communion in a week or so, you should gift him something sacred so that he can comprehend the path of light and know his religion better.

If you are looking for some thoughtful gift ideas that can be gifted in these precious moments then we have made your job easier. Check out this list of top 51 first communion gifts for boys and girls in 2024.

Top First Communion Gifts For Boys 2024

Your son, nephew, friend’s son or son’s friend is ready for his first communion and you need to gift him something divine that would be appropriate for the sacred occasion. Here’s a list of gifts that are appropriate for boys on their first communion .

1. Personalized Cross

The Cross is the symbol that Jesus died for our sins. Gifting a cross would ensure that your son has faith in Christ and would try to lead a holy life. This is an excellent personalized gift. Apart from that, gifting a wall cross can also be a good idea.

2. First Communion Box

This rosary box is made of olive wood and is made in the Holy Land, Bethlehem. It is a perfect gift for the first communion. You can find similar gift ideas online in Amazon and Etsy as well.

3. Olive Wood Rosary

Rosary is an important element in Holy Communions and can gift the best one to your Godson. Being a godparent, this is one of the best confirmation gift that you can give.

4. Wood Prayer Cube

Let your son know his prayers and understand the deeper meaning of it from the day of his first communion. Gift him this wooden cube and remind him that Christ is always there for him.

5. Letters from Pope Francis

Children always have plenty of questions in their mind. It is important to guide them and solve them and what better than the Pope himself answering their questions.

6. Atheletes Cross Necklace

If your champ is into sports, then this stainless steel necklace should be the perfect gift for his first communion.

7. Devotion for Kids – Holy Books

Holy Scripture related catholic books are always a good option for the first communions as it makes a perfect gift for the young one and familiarizes them with the scripture. Alternatively, gifting them a brown scapular can be a good option as well.

8. The One Year Book of Devotion

It is always good to encourage reading from a young age. This one yearbook is sure to attract the attention of your boy and let him personalize scripture from The Bible.

9. Rubber Cross Bracelet

This bracelet is a combination of stainless steel and rubber, makes quite a relevant gift for your young boy as it has his prayers engraved on it and would be really helpful for him. Rosary bracelet can be a good option too.

10. Kids Book of Heroes

The scripture is a book that has many heroes that inspire the world. Gift your child this book and let him find his savior in this on his first communion.

11. Message Pendant for Boys

Maybe you cannot express your feelings very well to your son. Let this pendant do the job for you, tell him to be always brave and stand up with the faith in Christ.

12. My First Communion Book

This book is a complete guide to your child on his way to his first communion. Let him read through the ways of your religion and embrace it.

13. Glass Jewellery Keepsake Box

The keepsake box is a great choice for boys on their first holy communion. Gift your son this box so that he keeps his rosary safe.

14. Bisque Porcelain Covered Box With Rosary

Blessed are the followers of Jesus. Count your blessings with this bisque porcelain box and teach your child the same thing.

15. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible

Let your young one start understanding the scripture from an early age. It is always good to uplift his faith with this children’s Bible and let him believe in Christ.

16. Loyola Kids Book Of Saints

All of the saints in the scripture have their own word of the Lord. Let your child discover it by himself and understand his creations.

17. When God Made You

This book certainly explains to your child what is their purpose in life and what has God planned for them. Expand their thinking abilities by gifting them this book.

18. Adjustable Dress Tie

This adjustable tie is just the perfect gift for your son on his first holy communion to look genuine and adorable on this special day.

19. First Holy Communion Gift Set

This gift set contains Missal, Rosary, Box and Lapel Pin just the correct items required for his special day. This is really one of the best communion gifts.

20. When God Made Light

Let there be light‘ said God, with a message to humanity. Let your child discover Lord’s message with the help of this book. Put this book on your list of 1st communion gifts. This can be a great baptism gift as well.

21. Friends With God Story

To help young children understand the holy Bible, the Friends With God story comes with necessary illustrations and easy text. It explains how the characters in the Bible came close to God through their deeds, allowing a simple way to understand religion.

22. Jesus Calling Devotion Book

Based on the book “Jesus Calling”, this simplified version appeals to a younger audience, which include children and those in their early teens. It speaks the message of God in very simple words and helps introduce the spirit of Christianity in young minds.

23. Strechable Cross Bracelet

This bracelet is the absolute gift for first communion as it has the cross engraved on it, just appropriate for the occasion.

Top First Communion Gifts For Girls 2024

As your princess is growing up, the day has come when she understands the rules and principles of Christianity. Gift your beloved girl something extraordinary and distinctive so that she remembers your unique gift forever.

24. Holy Communion Music Box

This music box plays the tune of the Lord’s Prayer, serving as a perfect gift for girls on the occasion of their first communion. Dressed in a pure white attire, it contains the model of a young girl holding her rosary and waiting for the blessed Eucharist.

25. Guardian Angel

Gift your angel a guardian to protect her from all her worries. This hand carved angel would make the best holy communion gift.

26. Pink Rosary And Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes and rosary are the special gifts that your girl can receive on her first communion as both are important for her on her special day.

27. Willow Tree Statue

Willow tree statues symbolize faith, trust, love, healing, hope, and courage. Gift her this statue and teach her the value of all these feelings.

28. You are God’s Girl Coloring Book

Tell your beloved girl that she is God’s daughter and God loves her. Let her explore the beauty of God through this coloring book.

29. Glass Beads Rosary

Rosary is the perfect gift for the first holy communion in anyone’s life. Give this ideal rosary suitable for your little girl on her special day and grace the occasion.

30. Cross Necklace

Make her look great on her special day by gifting this cross necklace which would just fit perfectly for the occasion.

31. Willow Tree Angel Of Prayer

Prayer is an integral part of daily life. Teach your baby girl to pray to The Almighty and help her learn how important it is in her life.

32. First Communion Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet makes a pretty good idea for gifts for the first communion as is specially designed with cross suitable for the ceremony.

33. Letters From Pope Francis

Not just for boys, this book is the perfect gift for everyone on their first communion. Let Pope Francis answer all the questions asked by your little girl through this book.

34. Ivory Music Box

You can now personalize this music box by removing the artwork and replacing it with the photo of your beloved. This is a great idea for personalized gifts for first communion.

35. Blue Rosary

Rosary is not just a necklace but a symbol of faith and trust we entrust in our savior. This rosary is a great first communion gift idea.

36. Keepsake Rosary Jewellery Box

This keepsake box makes the best item to hold your little girl’s rosary. Gift her this and make her special day more distinctive.

37. Floral Wreath Veil

Your princess has grown up already, and now it’s time for her First Communion. Give her this veil and make her look prettier than ever before.

38. Keepsake Bag With Rosary

Keepsake bags are more convenient to carry around than boxes. Present her with this bag set and teach her to love the religion.

39. You Are A Girl Who Can Do Anything

With this book make your daughter believe that “Faith Can Move Mountains”. Make her belief in Christ strong and make her a better person.

40. 3 Minute Devotion For Girls

This is a perfect gift for a girl’s first communion, and it allows her to study and stay close to Christianity and God. The book is filled with three minute reads, each short yet powerful to carry a message.

41. Complete Illustrated Bible

The illustrated Bible explains the stories through illustrations, which allow a child to fall in love with and remember the events in the holy book for life. It also helps them understand the Bible better.

42. Girls Personalized Necklace

This customizable necklace allows a name of up to ten characters to be carved on it. It comes with a choice of the finest crystal and a beautiful sterling cross charm which serves as a brilliant idea for a girl’s first communion.

43. Wooden Prayer Cube

Teach the essence and joy of prayer in your daughter’s life by gifting her this wooden prayer cube on her first communion.

44. The Beginner’s Bible

The holy scripture just simplified to make your baby understand the importance and relevance of the Bible in life gives you this Beginner’s Bible.

45. A Child’s First Bible

This is perhaps the most simple way to introduce a child to the word of God. It comes with a brief collection of 125 passages from both Testaments. These explain the most basic stories in the holy book to young minds.

46. Bedtime Bible Stories

It is always good to end the day on a positive note. Put your little one to sleep with these chosen Bible stories.

47. God Loves Lauren

God has plan purpose for us all, with that he shares his genuine love to all the fellow beings. Teach your kid to get in touch with her inner being and love God just the way he loves us all.

48. Baseball Cross Necklace

If your daughter is into sports then she will love this baseball necklace, and with the cross, it is just perfect for her first communion.

49. My First Communion Bible

Customized specifically for a child’s communion and with a letter from its priestly author, the first communion Bible comes with a communion record page. It is a perfect gift for one of the most significant days of a child’s life.

50. Catholic Prayer Book For Children

Reading prayer integrates moral uprightness in the individual, and by gifting this prayer book you nurture your child’s moral behavior. This is easily the best communion gifts for your princess.

51. Picture Book Of Saints

This useful book contains the stories of the lives of 106 saints, each with an illustration. It helps young ones remember the information, allowing them to match it with the images in the book. It is suitable for those young people who take a keen interest in Christianity.

So that was my list of first communion gifts you should consider for your child. I know there was a lot of prayer book and rosaries, but these are the items that ought to be put on your list of first communion gifts. Bestow these gifts to your child and make his or her life more religious and sacred, and let him always know that Jesus Loves Us All.